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Songs Of Peace and Violence in the Shadow of Drawn Swords

. Speaking in Seattle, William Pepper met Len Osanic and over lunch, Len discoverd that Bill had quite a collection of poems. The suggestion was made that if set to the right background music, this would be a very interesting project. Almost from the first poem this became a perfect match, the thoughts and music fit hand in glove. Over a few years the email and mp3s went back and forth, until today we have the first set ready. Twenty Five poems, almost 70 minutes, and its the kind of cd that once you put it on you'll leave it running, everything just flows together.

In November 2008 William Pepper flew to Vancouver Canada the home of Len Osanic's "Fiasco Bros. Recording Studios" to do the final reading. Vocalist Susan Kovacs joined the project providing back ground vocals and ended up reading a few as well.

The complete album now available Free Download Zip file

Listen to some of the Album on mp3,

  • Struggle and Character - Listen here
  • Jackie - Listen here
  • The Legacy - Listen here
  • Growth - Listen here
  • Suffer The Children - Listen here
  • Bolivars Heirs - Listen here
  • The Castle And The Sea - Listen here
  • Our Way - Listen here
  • Independent Souls - Listen here
  • My Place - Listen here
  • Photos by Sandra Sigfusson